At Whitaker’s Landscaping here are some factors we consider when designing and planting your landscape:

  • Exposure (How many hours of sunlight/shade does the area get?)
  • Drainage (Does the area stay wet or does it drain well?)
  • Presentation/Beautification (What goal do you wish to accomplish with your landscape?)
  • Beauty, maintenance and up keep.
  • Functionality (Will the plants work in the areas you designated? )
  • Will the plant you want fit the site long term?
  • Will they survive the weather, wild animals, children playing in yard, etc….?

Plant knowledge, great service, and quality products is what sets us apart from other landscapers.

Whitaker’s Planting Installation & Maintenance:

  • 1 year replacement guarantee
  • Installed with proper soil amendments
  • Purchased from quality local growers

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