Whitakers Landscaping Staff

Rick — Whitaker's Landscaping


I'm Rick, owner of Whitakers's Landscaping. I started Whitaker's 1983 while I was still in high school. I started out doing excavating and installing tie walls. I loved working outside and being my own boss. I went to AACC for business for a few years. Most of my skills are self taught, over the years I have learned about the importance of grading and soil perpetration,  plant species and installation, lawn fertilization and pest control. I am certified in hardscape installation, deck and wall building and qualified in all aspects of landscaping. I enjoy creating custom landscapes for my customers. Designing and building a patio, deck or walkway gives me a great sense of satisfaction in seeing a completed project. Being hands on, meeting with each customer individually and working on every project is what makes my business successful. When I'm not working I like to spend time with my family. Movie nights, going for ice cream, watching football and cookouts are my favorite ways to relax.

JD - Whitakers Landscaping


Hi! My name is JD Shiflett. I am a Supervisor and I've been with Whitaker's for 10 years. My hobbies include four wheeling, camping and fishing with my sons. I am an experienced truck driver, equipment operator, a self starter who enjoys working outdoors and hands-on.  Customer satisfaction is my #1 goal.

Adele - Whitakers Landscaping



Hi, I'm Adele. I'm the office manager at Whitaker's Landscaping. I have worked with Whitaker's for over 20 years.  I am in charge of emails, phone calls, invoices, orders and scheduling. Not quite as glamorous or exciting as working in the field, but someone has to keep the guys on track!  At Whitaker's customer service is our top priority. In my down time I love spending time with my 3 daughters....lots of movies and nail salons,watching football, basketball with my youngest daughter....anything with the family is good with me!