Landscape lighting is a method used to brighten up your property while adding safety and security at the same time. We all know that a beautiful landscaping can make or break the attractiveness of a home.
Beautifully lined trees and manicured grass are instant indicators of well-kept landscape.

However, now there’s a way to make your home stand out in the dark.  This is through the use of landscape lighting.

Why illuminate your landscape?

1. Landscape lighting can help shine a little light on your property. Nothing is worse than trying to 
fiddle around in the dark while going to and from your car.  

2. Landscape lighting can help deter criminal activity. Criminals love the dark because it increases 
their chances of not being seen. Landscape lighting can provide enough light to deter a criminal 
from even approaching your property.  

3. Landscape lighting can provide a very attractive look to your home or business property. We all 
know that the better a property looks, the more value it has

4. Landscape lighting can make your property more identifiable. When your home is attractively illuminated, it becomes easier for friends and family to find it.  

How difficult is it to install landscape lighting?
A qualified landscaper can install your new landscape lighting pretty easily as a matter of fact. It does not require a lot of wiring or tearing up your yard.

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Ever Thought of Customizing Your Landscape Design?
I am sure you have seen some really nice landscape designs and wondered how you could get a design to 
fit your own style. A custom landscaping design allows you to make your garden landscape as unique as 
you want it to be.

Custom landscape design requires careful planning and you should learn the fundamentals of landscape 
design before hiring someone to do the work. There is vast information about landscaping from books to magazines to full blown landscaping courses.  

A custom landscaping design usually starts with what the client wants to achieve in the garden or yard. It could be an elaborate as a complete water garden or a simple, classic design.

Other factors included are your choice of plants, hard landscaping materials, lighting, climate, use of the area, and many other landscaping options.

Most landscape designers will make the revisions necessary until you are fully satisfied. Once you 
approve the design
, the designer will present you with the final design materials needed for the job, 
which may include complete materials list, a 3D perspective of the design and a 2D color rendering.

Many landscape designers also include a customized handbook to guide you on how to maintain the plants and other features of their beautiful, newly-created landscaped yard.   

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What Goes into the Cost of a Landscape Design?
Landscape design cost is influenced by several different factors, ranging from one extreme to the other depending on the details of each project. While there are free design plans available, many homeowners opt for a professional design to ensure an outdoor space that complements and enhances the beauty of their property.

There are many different options and an amazing selection of designers to choose from, but 
understanding the basics regarding the cost of landscape design is an essential part of planning your 

There are many different things that play a part in determining the actual cost of your landscape design, but there are three primary influences. Understanding these will give you a general idea of how much money you should allocate to landscape design.

1. The overall size of your property is the biggest influence on landscape design price. Most design 
packages are based on an average lot size, typically around 10,000 square feet, and are adjusted 
for smaller or largeproperties.

2. The size of the area to be landscaped is also important. A complete concept design plan for your 
entire yard will cost much more than a planting plan for the front of your home.

3. Your landscape design cost is also determined by the features and options you desire. Many 
professional design services offer a variety of packages so it is easy to calculate the approximate 
price of your project.Whether want a complete landscape design renovation, an outdoor lighting plan, or a simple flower garden with year round color, a professional design will enhance the overall beauty of your home.  

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Are There “Eco-Friendly” Landscaping Options
When it comes to residential landscaping you have many different choices and decisions to make. You have to decide what you want your landscape to accomplish.

Most people simply want their landscape to be beautiful while others want it to add more peace and 
meaning to their lives. A well designed, environmentally-friendly landscape can give you a great sense of peace and belonging to the planet.

Traditional landscape requires a lot of water and regular maintenance in order to preserve it. With water shortages and restrictions these days, more and more people are looking at eco- friendly landscaping and the benefits it brings to a residential landscaping project.

This type of landscape can provide both low maintenance and low water usage by replacing water guzzling grass with cutting-edge green technology by using 100% biodegradable artificial turf.

No more watering or mowing the grass and your yard looks perfect all year long. It doesn't turn brown in the winter, but remains beautiful year round.

So if water efficiency and the environment are amongst your concerns, relax. You do have options.

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3 Hidden Costs to Think About for Your Landscaping Project
The planning stage of creating a landscape requires that you carefully think about what you would like to do. The next important factor is to make sure you have enough money to cover the entire project.

If you do not carefully plan, the process can become very costly and you might end up with something you do not want.   

Do you have enough money to execute your entire design straight away? You may not know the answer to this question if you’ve never had a landscape project done before.  

There are many “hidden” costs in nearly any landscaping project that you should consider before hiring a landscaper. If not, you will find that the project’s true cost is much more than what you have budgeted for.  

1. The first hidden cost is having landscaping features that require lighting. Most people only 
consider the cost of buying those lighting features without thinking about the cost of operation. You 
can minimize your electrical bill by buying energy saving lighting and limit the amount of time you use 
the lighting.

2. Another hidden cost is the cost of water consumption. Water consumption for some landscaping 
features can spike your monthly electrical bill. Water sprinklers, small ponds, and water fountains 
are some examples. These systems can add up to be quite a bit of extra water.

3. Another cost to consider is soil improvement. If you have landscaping materials such as a plant or 
a lawn, you will have to add fertilizer to your soil regularly in order to maintain the healthy grown of 
your plant. The costs of adding fertilizer to your yard can easily add up.  

Before you close on a landscaping deal, carefully consider these points to ensure you do not find yourself with a new, beautifully landscaped yard with features that you can’t afford to use.

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